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Chapter 1 - What is the BBC?

So, Welcome to “The British Book Club of Claude Baccot” or as we like call it, “The BBC” (yep)

This blog is not to bore you, but it’s also not that entertaining either so do with it as you wish. Call it, news from the horses mouth, thoughts on upcoming events and food ideas with answers to questions customers have.

First question…everyone is asking it…what the F is going on?

Well, It’s a long story, and we won’t bore you with it, all we are saying is…

…Well, nothing. A slight change of ownership and a few changes to create a really comfortable place for people to relax and have fun in. A place to appreciate all types of creativity in art, music, literature, food and drink. And most of all be the most authentic British Pub in the city.

We have split the 2 floors into 2 areas.

Downstairs “The Cavern” which is named after the famous venue the Beatles started out in Liverpool. This is the comfortable snug of sofas and warmth and where all the entertainment happens. Live music, darts (real darts not plastic darts), baby foot and all of our special events we throw. We will not be taking any reservations for downstairs, it’s first come first serve apart from the Quiz nights where you MUST reserve as they are busy nights.

Upstairs “The Library” as it looks like a library, with real books too. Is the table service dining area for those wanting more of a dining experience. It’s a bit more Intimate but you can also see and hear the fun going on in the Cavern below.

We have a smaller menu but will change it every month as the weather changes, we will ALWAYS have Fish & Chips and the BBC Burger on the menu and we will ALWAYS have vegan and gluten free options too. The British love a good Curry, Chinese, Italian etc…so our menu will always be celebrating food from around the world each month too

Is it an actual book club?

No, unless you want to bring your book club here, everyone is welcome.

The Book Club is named because that’s where most arts gets written. A poem, a song, a recipe, a story…all written down, some turned into books and some just stay on paper in a folder waiting to be found by the next person who moves into your house after you die.

What is in a name anyway? just tell yourself the names of the last 3 places you drank and the last 3 bands you listened to, (for me Quetzal, Salvation Jane, Bambosh and Elbow, Beatles, Take That…all pretty odd names). The people make the party…so come join the Book Club not book club club

Can I read the books?

Of course, in fact you can borrow a book and take home like a library by joining the actual Book Club Club. You can take one for a month at a time. You can even swap books and even donate books. We like books.

How are you more authentic than any other British pub?

Apart from 2 British people working there, the British drinks and food, pub quiz, live music and ambiance in general…maybe we are not. We have games to play, a great music selection and some pretty sweet events too. Check out our calendar for details

If you have any other questions, please send them in and we will be happy to stick them in the blog.

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